Why Choose Skinny Wimp?

Moving Services

With a long experience in the moving business, we cover absolutely all types of local or non-local moving services. Skinny Wimp movers are lightening fast, offer efficient and safe moves, but we ensure items to be handled with care.

Capable Crew

Skinny Wimp is family and operated, and are all skilled and careful moving experts. All of them are handy with absolutely any kind of delivery.


With our highly trained team and Skinny Wimp trucks, we get the job done. Our team is no stranger to weight-lifting, loading and packing tasks and so forth. We carefully wrap any type of furniture or fragiles, take care of your flooring, and treat our items as if they are our own.

Affordable Pricing

As far as we are concerned, the pricing is one of the most important things that people who are on the move DO care about. We truly stand by the motto that we are Skinny on Price, and Heavy on Quality!

moving Services

Quality Movers
Helping American families to move is our company's major service, with a focus on serving the local area...
Long-Distance Moves
A majority of our moves are done for the local area's residents, we also can work long distances too, when you ask us to!
Quality Packing
With so many things to take into account and pack before you go, our help will surely speed things up!

Skinny on Price, Heavy on Quality

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Sid Fry

Amazing Moving company! These guys aren’t scared to work hard, move very quickly, and will make sure the job gets done! All things were packed with precision and the utmost care was taken with my belongings. Would highly recommend Skinny Wimp Moving!

James Imel
Super humble and fast working. One of the few legit moving companies in the area.

Sutton Hewlett

I couldn’t have asked for a better service. Very respectful group of people. They worked very efficiently and carefully with all my belongings.