Quality Movers

Quality Movers

When you find yourself right in the middle of the hectic and chaotic moving process, there might be hundreds of unaccounted factors. Here at Skinny Wimp, we make sure we are Skinny on Price, and Heavy on Quality.

We hustle as we work, and make sure that we take delicate care of all of your packing. When we load and move all of your fragile items, we make sure we treat your items as if they are our own. Sometimes items aren’t the typical, from a piano to a safe. We take special care of ALL of your items. No matter what they are.

We know that packing and moving can be a very stressful process, but we make sure that you don’t have to worry about a thing. Not only are we fast and efficient, but we also take special detail of your needs.

Helping American families to move is our company’s main service, whether it be local or across the nation. We are here to make your move as stress free as possible!

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Regardless of how early you need us to arrive or how far away you'll be moving your belongings, we are always ready for the job!